Carbon Neutrality Rating System

A Globally Certified Carbon Rating System

Our Carbon Neutrality Rating System is a proprietary carbon neutrality assessment developed in conjunction with TÜV SÜD, using ISO14064-1/ISO14067 Carbon Footprint Standard. The ISO14064-1/ISO14067 Carbon Footprint Standard are the global standards for assessment, verification and benchmarking, applicable across countries, regions and industries, certified by a global accredited body.

Our Carbon Neutrality Rating System helps you to:

  1. Comprehensively evaluate your company’s carbon footprint, including:
    • Scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions
    • Emission reduction measures
    • Investments in carbon reduction projects
  2. Goes over and above carbon emissions to disclose:
    • Your company’s sustainability-related goals
    • Your company’s sustainability governance
    • The sustainability-related requirements your company imposes on its suppliers
  3. Become carbon-neutral or low-carbon to:
    • Fulfil your stakeholders’ requirements
    • Improve your corporate profile
    • Gain access to sustainability-linked financing
    • Improve competitiveness for exports and government tenders