The Benefits Of
Listing With MVGX

Issuers can benefit from our innovative listing framework, which enables them to customize their fundraising options which are unavailable in other global financial exchanges.

This means that issuers can access a wider investor base, leading to greater liquidity at lower funding costs.

Issuers also benefit from MVGX’s adoption of the Nasdaq trading architecture. It provides a 24/7 transparent robust and scalable trading platform, features which are key demand of global institutional investors.

A regulated digital asset exchange

MVGX has a unique portfolio of licenses from the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) including Recognized Market Operator (RMO) license, Capital Market Service License for Dealings in Securities, and Collective Investment Schemes, providing custodial services. MVGX has also obtained the Major Payment Institution (MPI) license under the Payment Services Act.

Settlement Module

OTC Management Module

Delivery Module

The Listing Process

Potential issuer is encouraged to get in contact with us to understand and assess the listing suitability on MVGX.

In general, the issuer is required to prepare and submit an offering memorandum as prescribed by MVGX. Upon review and approval of the offering memorandum, the issuer will coordinate with MVGX to hold a digital roadshow.

During the roadshow, potential investors will submit orders to MVGX, which has a proprietary book building system to price the offering at the end of the roadshow.

At an agreed listing date, the issue will start trading on MVGX.

MVGX prescribes qualitative and quantitative listing requirements for
different asset classes. We encourage potential issuers to contact us to
have a chat on our listing criteria.