MetaVerse Exchange Participates in the Greentech Festival

Earlier last week, MetaVerse Exchange was invited to attend the Greentech Festival on the 17th and 18th of November at the Gardens by the Bay, where we got to listen to speakers from various industries share their innovative technologies in the fight towards sustainability.

Keynote Speeches during the Greentech Festival

The Greentech Festival opened with a discussion session between Singapore-born international artiste JJ Lin and Nico Rosberg, founder of the Greentech Festival, on their personal take on sustainability, with Dale Rickert as the moderator. Nico Rosberg shared his thoughts on why he made the shift toward sustainability when he was previously an F1 driver as he wanted developed interests in other technologies, particular for sustainable mobility, when he ended his racing career. He also highlighted that as an entrepreneur and investor in green technologies and alternative mobility start-ups, he hopes to empower visionary innovations that make the world a little better.

In addition, JJ Lin shared that he began his journey toward sustainability when he saw the news of rising sea levels and began to wonder what he could do to contribute. He then shared that he is doing his part now by collecting light sticks given after every concert to recycle. In addition, he highlighted that he is trying to “go local” now by not having an entire crew of personnel follow him as he goes on his world tour, but rather to get local musicians and bands locally in whichever city he performs in.

Our President and Chief Strategy Officer Michael Sheren was invited to speak at the closing keynote session where he shared some key takeaways from COP27 including the fund for ‘climate justice’ and the incorporation of a private finance to help emerging economies make the shift away from coal-fired power generation. He also highlighted the importance of technology in helping us become more sustainable as the innovations give us the opportunity to make the switch towards more environmentally friendly options.

He emphasized that while we work towards sustainable solutions, we cannot take things away from people unless we are able to replace them with something that is as good as, or better than before – whether it’s going meatless or building vertical farms. This is because, over the years, he has seen that it is easier for people to embark and be onboard towards sustainability if the green alternatives are generally hassle-free, simple and yet gives them the same satisfaction as the original.

He also highlighted that at MVGX, we provide companies with the choice of becoming sustainable with our carbon products and services, with little or no inconvenience to them. In addition, he also added that it’s important for everyone to start small and change the things they are able to change, and collectively it would make a difference.

Michael Sheren also conducted a bootcamp during the Greentech Festival where the participants shared their sustainability goals and ideas. The bootcamp was a useful platform for the participants with like-minded sustainability interests to learn more from each other as well.

Products Showcase

One of the most innovative and interesting products showcased during the festival was PHANTOR, the mobile water giant, which can produce up to 10,000 liters of pure drinking water per day. By condensing water from ambient air, PHANTOR provides drinking water and contributes to people’s self-sufficiency.  It can provide clean water to the masses at remote locations, infrastructure, and organic agriculture, without producing waste and with a minimal carbon footprint.

With 30,000 diapers being discarded every minute in Singapore, with most of them going into landfills, the CEO of Diaper Recycling Technology, Martin Scaife, wanted to find a more sustainable way to deal with these diapers. As such, his company developed a technology to extract the raw materials from the diapers including plastic, cotton, and fibers without damaging them which enables them to recycle these core materials to make other products. To date, his company has already sold the latest version of the machine to manufacturers of disposable hygiene products.

There were also food innovations featured in the Greentech Festival, such as The Good Burger which serves delicious plant-based burgers that taste like real meat! You can find them at Coronation Shopping Plaza (587 Bukit Timah Road) or book them for office or school visits, corporate events, and even private parties!

It is indeed very inspiring to see many technological innovations that are working towards sustainability. Similarly, at MetaVerse Green Exchange, we also strive to provide the necessary technology and services for corporations and governments to embark on their journey to becoming more sustainable. Through our carbon products and services, we strive to empower corporations and governments to make a difference to become more sustainable. To find out more about what we do, you can contact us at

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