MVGX Wins World Finance Innovation Awards in the Category of the ‘Most Innovative Company in the Digital Exchange Industry – 2022’

We’re proud to announce that we’ve been adjudged the winner for 2022 in the World Finance Innovation Awards in the category of the ‘Most Innovative Company in the Digital Exchange Industry – 2022’.  

The award recognizes MVGX’s innovative world-class digital exchange platform with the best-in-class Nasdaq engines as well as our proprietary digital asset ledger with a carbon footprint tag. This is in addition to our rigorous compliance processes approach to the carbon markets by developing the CNT® using the latest blockchain technology to enable cross-border trading of high-quality voluntary emission reductions without violating the UN’s Nationally Determined Contributions (NDC) issues as established during the Paris Agreement. To find out more about our CNT®watch our video here or visit our website link

Furthermore, the judges took into consideration that MVGX’s certification from the British Standards Institution (BSI), the first time the body has accepted tokenized carbon credits. This resulted in the move to set a new gold standard for carbon neutrality reporting in the wake of calls for more rigorous systems following COP26, and more recently, COP27 highlighted the importance of voluntary carbon markets in combatting climate change.

The judges also analysed the company’s environmental impact and responsible approach towards the environment, employees, and society when making the final decision on who the winners are. MVGX places high importance on ESG, through the innovation of our Carbon Suite of products and services, which can also empower other organizations with the tools to build their businesses towards carbon neutrality. We also ensure that we set a good example by being environmentally friendly and reducing our carbon footprint whenever possible.

Last but not least, MVGX also stood out from competitors because of our resilience in our approach during the pandemic because our Carbon Suite can be applied to different organizations, regardless of where they are. 

To learn more about our products and services and how you can do your part to become more sustainable, drop us a note today at!

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