Open NFDT™ Platform

Creating the avatar bridging the Real World and the Metaverse

What is Non-Fungible Digital Twin (NFDT™) Technology?

Non-Fungible Digital Twin (NFDT™) technology is patent-pending and trademarked by MetaVerse Green Exchange, enabling one to create “digital twins” of real world objects and/or records onto the metaverse (public blockchain). Management, investors, financial institutions and regulators can access and track in real-time data relating to their assets. Such data provides effective tools for decision-making and reporting.

All NFDTs™ are immutable upon creation, thus providing authenticity for record keeping and validation.

Our NFDTs™ are created using a combination of NFT (ERC-721 smart contracts), file hashing and long term file storage on MVGX’s protected storage.

Possible use cases of NFDT™

Green Buildings
Solar Projects
Wind Project

Real World Objects

NFDT of Real World Assets

Information such as Raw Material, Supply chain, manufacture parameters, etc.