A Trading Platform
Built On Nasdaq Engines

MVGX utilizes Nasdaq’s Matching Engine, Global Market Surveillance Engine and Risk Control Engine, and operates MVGX’s proprietary digital asset evaluation and management support platform, that come together to create efficient and transparent marketplaces.

Full service platform

Based on the Nasdaq technical system, MVGX created a proprietary digital asset evaluation and management support platform for the digital economy. MVGX has adopted institutional bank grade security standards to safeguard the exchange at every level of our trading platform.

Settlement Module

OTC Management Module

Delivery Module

Multiple Settlement Module

Collateral Management Module

Get what you
need the most

  • Manage trade lifecycle from the moment of trade execution until fully settled through a central counterparty service.
  • Guarantee that all rights and obligations associated with a trade are honored.
  • Cover the risk of counterparty non-fulfilment.
  • Provide settlement services according to contract specifications.
  • Generate trading and clearing fees interface to banks and delivery entities.
  • Provide participants and other stakeholders with relevant information.