MetaVerse Green Exchange develops further applications of its proprietary Non-Fungible Digital Twin (NFDT™) technology

Singapore, 22 February 2022 – MetaVerse Green Exchange (MVGX, formerly Cyberdyne Tech Exchange) is announcing the expansion of use cases for its proprietary Non-Fungible Digital Twin (NFDT™) technology to include the creation of bankable digital twins of sustainable smart buildings, EV batteries and solar panels, as well as the next generation carbon registry.

While most metaverse use cases currently focus on social interactions and experiences in the metaverse through augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) technologies, MVGX is focused on bringing real-world assets into the metaverse through NFDT™ technology, believing that humans need to interact and transact with objects that originate from both the digital and real world.

With its proprietary NFDT™ technology, MVGX is advancing the functionality and value of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) by supporting the real-time addition of new information to the NFDT™ after its initial creation. The NFDT™ technology, which combines the digital twin and blockchain technologies, creates assets in the metaverse which are ‘living’, with new information constantly being updated and automatically stored onto the blockchain.

MVGX first demonstrated an application of its NFDT™ technology during the launch of its Carbon Neutrality Tokens (CNT™) last November for cross-border trading of Certified Emission Reduction (CER) credits. Investors who purchased the CNTs are able to track the integrity and performance of the carbon credit through the unique NFDT™ right from its provenance in the wind projects operated by CGN Wind Energy Limited in Zhangjiakou City of China.

Building upon that success, MVGX has been exploring the application of the NFDT™ technology in other sustainability initiatives, for example by facilitating the representation of sustainable buildings in the metaverse, with ‘live’ data such as building occupancy, electricity usage, carbon footprint and footfall – enabling more accurate data for more informed decision-making. This is essential for leaders who wish to increase building performance while meeting their net zero goals, and investors who are looking to invest into green real estate.

Dr. Bo Bai, Executive Chairman and Co-Founder of MVGX, commented: “The application of NFDT™ technology can be profound, especially as we move into the metaverse era. I am very excited about how our next generation carbon registry system powered by the NFDT™ technology can help national or state governments or carbon exchanges build their own carbon registries with the highest quality and integrity, helping to bridge carbon trading across different jurisdictions. I am equally excited that the virtual representations of green buildings, EV batteries and solar panels through our NFDT™ technology can make these green assets fully traceable and bankable, helping to bridge the gap between increasing capital needs for green infrastructures while expanding investor accessibility.”

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