The Path to Carbon Neutrality | MVGX Educates

In this explainer video, we hope to educate everyone about how they can start their journey towards attaining carbon neutrality. There are 4 key steps to this:

  1. Measure: This entails the tracking and counting of your organization’s carbon footprint using various technologies.
  2. Mitigate: This entails the reduction of emissions by your organization, which you can do so using different methods.
  3. Offset: This entails offsetting your organization’s residual carbon footprint. However, when deciding on where to purchase carbon credits to do so, it is important to ensure that these carbon credits are of the highest integrity, such as those of our Carbon Neutrality Token.
  4. Certify: After going through the first three steps, it is important to verify your company’s carbon neutrality efforts and this can be done through certification companies such as BSI.

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