China Carbon Weekly Market Update – 19 September, 2022

Weeks at a glance (September 12– September 16, 2022)

  • Activity in China’s national Carbon Emissions Allowance (CEA) market continued its retreat to only 400 tons for the week, the 3rd lowest volume on record. Block trades were absent again for the second week in a row and the fourth time in the last five weeks. Open market transactions closed the week at a flat 58.00 yuan/ton ($8.30/ton) for the third consecutive week. The volume-weighted average price of all of the week’s trades was 58.13 yuan/ton ($8.32/ton), down 1.43% from the previous week.
  • Activity across the nine China Certified Emission Reductions (CCER) markets plunged from the previous week, totaling only 49,944 tons for the week and ranking in the bottom 20% of 2022’s weekly totals. Shenzhen led the markets, accounting for over 50% of their combined volume. Tianjin, Beijing, and Sichuan also saw some trading. Open market trades made up all of Beijing and Sichuan’s total volumes. Beijing had a volume-weighted average price of 78.81 yuan/ton ($11.81/ton), 36% higher than that of the CEAs, while Sichuan averaged 72.48 yuan/ton ($10.38), a 25% premium over the CEAs.
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