China Carbon Weekly Market Update – Apr 25, 2022

Week at a glance (April 18 – April 22, 2022) 

  • Trading on China’s national Carbon Emissions Allowance (CEA) market grounded to a near complete halt, ending the total weekly volume to an all-time low of 160 tons.  Market participants have not had any incentive to trade while waiting for the current compliance cycle’s emission allowance distribution plan to be announced. With negligible volumes, open market transaction prices did not change from the previous week’s closing price and remained flat throughout the week, closing at 60.00 yuan/ton ($9.23/ton) for the second week in a row. With the complete absence of block trades, the volume-weighted average price for all trades for the week was also 60.00 yuan/ton. 
  • Activity across the nine China certified emission reductions (CCER) markets recovered somewhat from the 10-month low last week to a combined total volume of 22,648 tons this week. Shanghai and Tianjin led the markets for the week, accounting for a combined near 90% of the markets’ total volume. The Sichuan market’s weekly average CCER price, at 70.60 yuan/ton, rose above that of the CEA’s after last week’s dip, further establishing its upward trend on the market since the beginning of the year.
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